Sophie and Zoey's Corner

Sophie's Close-up

Ready to help Mama stamp!!!


Mama has been stamping a long time!

The stamp room is also the guest bedroom in our house- AKA Mama and Sophie's room. :)
Sophie and Zoey are my card making and scrapbooking friends. :) They always hang out in my scrap room when I'm working on something and Sophie is never more than a couple of feet from me. I adopted Zoey from the Humane Society in 2003 and she was about two years old at that point in time, so she's now kind of an old lady at 10. Sophie is almost 5 now and I adpoted her at about 12 weeks old. She is a bichon/toy poodle mix and is absolutely my baby.


Sophie's Bumblebee Halloween costume

Pretty kitty

Good girl